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Udaipur Computer Traders Association (Regd.), popularly known as UCTA, was founded in the year 2006. UCTA is a Computer Trade Association whose members are committed to setting and maintaining the highest technical and ethical standards in the independent provision of specialist computer-related services. By independent we mean "free to trade within the law without being obliged to acknowledge the authority, control or influence of any third party".


Why we exist

UCTA exists to help its members succeed in business. It does this by providing members with access to sources of technical and business information, and by promoting the excellence and high standards of its members through a mandatory Code of Practice.


Constitution, Direction and Administration

First formed in year 1999 as an Udaipur Computer Association (UCA). Now UCTA is a non-profit organization formed on 15th August, 2006. To facilitates I.T. trade and industry and encourage technological advancement in this region. Since the beginning the mission of UCTA was to promote IT to the most deep rural part of South Rajasthan by way of organizing seminars, road shows, workshops and exhibitions and has achieved the respectful place in everybody’s heart.

The primary objective of UCTA is to act as a catalyst for growth of IT industries in South Rajasthan and to encourage members to provide world class quality products and solutions to the people of South Rajasthan, to provide value added services and to develop Udaipur as a Competitive IT industry by providing Awareness programs to all IT users and buyers. The spirit of unity, goodwill & friendliness amongst the member of UCTA is the first fruit of the efforts put in by the founders of the organization. It is a humble appeal to all the individuals & organizations to support UCTA for his success.

The general management and control of UCTA and internal working methodology is carried out by the Committee Members. The members of the committee are elected from general UCTA members each representing different sectors of IT industries like Software, Hardware, Peripherals, Consumables and Web designing. The UCTA has formed various teams of all the enthusiastic young and talented committee members and sub-committee like Social Committee, Marketing Committee, Administrative Committee and Management Committee to perform various tasks like organizing exhibition, trade fairs, road shows and seminars. Last but not the least Udaipur Computer Traders Association will act with each and every member as his family and be a part of their social activities like marriages, death, hospitalization and any other serious problem Anywhere… Anytime…We are proud to be an UCTAians with the following Objectives & Mission.




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